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People who watch Kill la Kill and are capable of accepting its flaws


People who watch Kill la Kill and act like its flawless and immune to criticism


People who don’t watch Kill la Kill and declare the show/its…

Advice for the Polycurious



Imagine if we lived in a culture where polyamory was the default and couples had to make the decision to be monogamous. Imagine the cautions and warnings we would give people: you’ll have to be really careful because most people admit that they’ve cheated on a partner at some point, you’ll lose the opportunity to enjoy and experience lots of other people, your social support network will be much more limited, you might end up trying to parent with only two people, and you’ll have to try to fulfill all of each other’s sexual needs. Put like that, does polyamory really sound like such a bad idea?

I’m not much for proselytizing… poly has its complications, and it’s not for everyone… but I’ve gotta say that this quote makes ALL the sense to me.

A great quote and an even better article in the link. I could never be monogamous, and some people seem to equate that with saying “I could never be committed to anybody.” Which is so far from the truth.


me too, jean, me too

being eren is suffering

(this au (they are in their early twenties) is tagged snk old farts)

It baffles me that people don’t see the issues with Zero Suit Samus’ new design.


Samus was trained from childhood to be a killer by the Chozo after her parents were slaughtered by Ridley. She knows how to kill. She knows what equipment keeps her mobile and capable in a fight. She would know that fucking high heels are not that. Her power suit (and the zero suit before this…



"A puny titan like you is no match for me, Kiryuin Satsuki. You’re just bones using flesh as clothing.”



"A puny titan like you is no match for me, Kiryuin Satsuki. You’re just bones using flesh as clothing.”